The best laid plans…

So, I had my interview strategy nailed down, right? I was supposed to do the following:
  • Review the sample interview questions that I found online.
  • Eat well, drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep! 
Well, up until the moment that I turned the corner to my house, I had forgotten that Monday was the Atlanta Falcon’s season opener. But the 20-odd cars in and around my driveway immediately made me aware. Yep. The hubby invited everyone that we knew over for the game. There would be no healthy eating. Unless you count the celery that comes standard with the greasy hot wings that he ordered. And a good night’s sleep? Yeah, right. The game didn’t end until around midnight and our house guests didn’t depart until 1am. And, remember those interview questions that I was supposed to review? Well, those didn’t get glanced at until 2am and was abruptly cut short by the coughing fit that my 1-year-old suddenly launched into. Turns out that what I thought was simply seasonal allergies at 6pm quickly morphed into a full-blown cold. Of course, after I drugged her appropriately, the last thing on her mind was going back to sleep. She finally conked out at around 4am. In my bed. With one foot on my belly and the other on my face. And it gets worse. Had I known that little Alex was coming down with a cold, I would have been much more diligent with my hand-washing practices. As a result, around 8am (with only around 4 hours of sleep), I was awakened by what felt like a Mack truck rolling back-and-forth across my body. I was at a crossroad. Do I cancel the interview that took forever to get scheduled? Or do I plow ahead although I’m the epitome of unprepared?
Long story short? I got the job 🙂

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